Ryhmätyö ry

Ryhmätyö ry (The Group Work Association) is an organization specialized in human relations, group work and cooperation skills. The Association organizes education in the field of group work, theme evenings and issues the magazine "Ryhmätyö" (Group Work), which is the only Finnish publication on this subject. The Association was founded in 1958.

Private persons and organizations can become members of the Association.

The Association has developed a unique learning event tradition, that is based on the experiences of the group member and observations of the group dynamics, analysis and formation of the theory based on it.

The education can be divided into the following groups:

     1.  General education in the field of group work
The general education of group work consists of discussion groups that get together weekly, basic courses in group work and transaction analytical courses in group work.
The general education is open for everybody. It is meant for those interested in their growth as a person and in human relation skills. Communication skills and the ability to identify one's feelings are needed in different situations of life. These skills can still be learned as an adult, if they have earlier been learned incompletely.

     2.  Professional continuation and supplementary courses
Vocational continuation and supplementary courses consist of a course in, a course in group dynamics, a course in the methodology of group work, a course in cooperation in a working team and a course in work team and leadership.

    3.  Group leader education
The Group leader education consists of general education and education in methodology. The aim of the general education is to increase the self-knowledge of the person being educated as well as his/her ability to communicate satisfactorily with other people. The methodology education provides a readiness to lead different kinds of groups.

The group leader training can be completed in six years.

    3.  Supervisor education
The Supervisor education consists of general education and education in supervision methodology. The aim of education is to increase abilities to conduct supervision in groups and communities.

The magazine "Ryhmätyö"
The magazine "Ryhmätyö" has been published since 1972. It is issued four times a year and the issues include articles written by specialists on the life of individuals, groups and society. The magazine provides important professional information for people using group work methods in their jobs. Also individuals interested in their own growth can profit from the articles in the magazine.

Theme evenings
The theme evenings are lectures on interaction, feelings, needs and other basic questions of life, and there's a chance for discussion.

The theme evenings are open to all those interested in the respective subject.